Flapping Eagle

Flapping Duck

Flapping Crane

Flapping Lovebirds

Sitting Bunny

Folding Knife

Barking Wolf

Gobbling Clam

Talking Mouse Mask

Kicking Frog

Wagging Tail Doggie

Flying Fighter

Clapping Seal

Swimming Manatee

Kicking Otter

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Indian Paddling a Canoe
Strumming Guitarist
Fiddling Bassist


Creator : Robert J. Lang
Folder : N. Terry
Photographer : N.Terry
Date : 1996
Diagram : Origami in Action

Ci-dessous, les autres modèles du livres créés par d'autres auteurs :
You see below the others models in the books created by others authors :

Traditional Flapping Bird
Author : Traditional
Randlett's Flapping Bird
Author : Samuel L. Randlett
Flapping Butterfly
Author : Deg Farelly
Intermediate Flapping Butterfly
Author : Deg Farelly
Inflatable Waterbomb
Author : Traditional
Blow-up Bunny
Author : Traditional
Inflatable Goldfish
Author : Traditional, modified by Philip Shen
Author : Adapted from traditional designs
Cootie Catcher
Author : Traditional

Harlequin Cootie Catcher
Author : Russell Cashdollar
Talking Dragon
Author : Traditional
Gliding Butterfly
Author : Yamaguchi Makoto
Author : Yamaguchi Makoto
Author : Nick Robinson
Rocking Sailboat
Author : Gay Merrill Gross
Author : J. Shafer & C. Palmer
Spring into Action
Author : Jeff Beynon

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